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hist1010 Germinal - Josh Whitesell Germinal Germinal is a...

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Josh Whitesell Germinal
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Germinal is a foreign film directed by Claude Berri. It was based on a novel written by Emile Zola in 1884. The movie shows the story of a coal mining family in France in the 19 th century. It is a fictional film but shows the real circumstances of industrialization in Europe, and the effects it has on people. The book and the movie both show effects of industrialization in 19 th century Europe that affect workers, family relationships, the relationships between the workers and owners, unity of the working class, and the treatment of women. The workers are greatly affected throughout the industrialization, especially the lower class workers. From the movie and the online readings, it is easily learned they work long hours in dangerous conditions earning little pay. A worker with a large family has a difficult time making enough money to put food on the table. Many times throughout, the Maheus would eat very little or starve for a few days. The average workday of a worker is about 12 hours, with one lunch hour in between. They work from early in the morning such as 6am to 6pm. Working in the mines was very dangerous and difficult. Workers had to carry heavy loads of coal long distances throughout the cave. Workers had to worry about poorly built timbering, mine collapses, floods, and firedamp. “Firedamp (methane) is an invisible, odorless, but deadly gas which occurs frequently in
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hist1010 Germinal - Josh Whitesell Germinal Germinal is a...

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