hist1010 was there enlightenment for women

hist1010 was there enlightenment for women - husbands and...

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Josh Whitesell Due Date 9/7/05 History 1010 2:00pm – 3:15pm Was there Enlightenment for women?
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To this day many people would assert that women are not treated equally as men. In 18 th Century Europe, there is no doubt that women were not treated or considered the same as males. Women played small roles in their lives that were done so mainly to benefit and ease the life and roles of the men around them. Women were allowed small and limited roles. They were expected to marry at a young age and not continue in furthering education. Cleaning house, washing clothes and doing laundry, and providing a cooked meal on the table was primarily the role of a woman. They were hardly ever granted permission by their dominant male husbands to leave the house and associate with society, and if they ever did, they stayed right by their
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Unformatted text preview: husbands and the husbands did most of the talking. During the Enlightenment period, women and men were both realizing how absurd all of this was, and how important women really were, and how important they should be considered and allowed to become educated, and paralleled with men. Women held social events, such as salons to socialize and interact with other women about ideas on the life outside of the church controlled and society based expectations of women. Many authors, including male authors such as Defoe, Kant, and Rousseau, wrote about this. There may not have been as much Enlightenment for women as there were for men, but women were starting to absorb into the Enlightenment....
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hist1010 was there enlightenment for women - husbands and...

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