hist1010 what is enlightenment

hist1010 what is enlightenment - the fear of what might...

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Josh Whitesell Due Date 9/7/05 History 1010 2:00pm – 3:15pm What is the Enlightenment?
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The Enlightenment was a movement in 18 th century Europe to progress. The main focus of the Enlightenment was progress for mankind, and to do this, man would rid out wrongs left by religion, ignorance and bigotry, and certain forms of justice that seemed inappropriate by man. Everything was examined and reviewed, and disposed of if it did not seem necessary for progress and modernization. In this movement men questioned religion, specifically Christianity. They wanted an intellectual understanding of religion, and to do this by questioning or challenging religion and the rules that were to be followed. Many people questioned the power of Church and State. They also questioned whether or not believing in God was because of
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Unformatted text preview: the fear of what might happen if people did not believe in God, or than of the actual reason of believing in God righteously – did people believe in God just because that was expected of them? Or did they truly believe in God and Christianity faithfully without question or hesitation towards their faith. All of this brought out many debates and left people unsure about their faith, and led to the idea that people believed themselves to be an atheists or a deist. The Enlightenment spawned new places for urban socializing such as coffeehouses and salons. These were places where upper-class and middle-class people could associate ideas and beliefs about the Enlightenment....
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hist1010 what is enlightenment - the fear of what might...

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