History 1010 Mid Term Exam Study Guide

History 1010 Mid Term Exam Study Guide - History 1010...

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History 1010 Mid-Term Exam Study Guide Conservatism- a political doctrine that emerged after 1815 and rejected much of the enlightenment and French Revolution, preferred monarchies over republics and tradition over revolution. Tennis Court Oath- a pact made by the 3 rd Estate during the French Revolution not to disband until France had a new constitution. Toussaint L’ Ouverture- the leader of the St. Dominique slave uprising; black general who was allied previously with the Spanish, changed sides and allied with the French, later appointed governor of St. Dominique. First Estate- Nobility Second Estate- Clergy Third Estate- Composed mainly of middle class Directory- Once Robespierre was executed, 5 directors served for 4 years, until Napoleous era. Jacobins- The first and most influential of political clubs established during the 2 nd Revolution. Blacks in American Revolution- 6000 fought for Americans, granted freedom first by British then by Americans if they fought in Revolutionary War. Napoleon Bonaparte- Corsican who in 4 years became supreme ruler of France; great, charismatic military leader. 1795 he was a lowly artillery officer, 1796-1797 had great success in Italian campaign. Then Egypt didn’t go well, but rebounded. Single handedly reunited a torn France, soon Napoleon I, and emperor of France. Phase 1 Large number of literate, poverty stricken in urban Called for revolution Nobility summoned army This panicked these inhabitants Marched on Versailles through 3 rd Estate Overthrew king Phase 2 Reign of Terror Phase 3 Napoleonic Reign Moderate Radical Conservative Abbe Raynal- class supporter of the salons Congress of Vienna- Romanticism- an artistic movement of the early 18 th century that glorified nature, emotion, genius, and imagination.
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History 1010 Mid Term Exam Study Guide - History 1010...

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