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hist2110 coney island paper - Tensions in America at the...

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Tensions in America at the Turn of the Century As American life transcended from the 19 th to the 20 th century, major transformations in America took place. These transformations were the pouring in of immigrants, the lessened hours of work time and extended hours of leisure time, higher wages, and an abundance of leisure activities and places to spend the extra time and extra money. The most infamous place to spend this extra leisure time and money during this time period was Coney Island. Along with Coney Island and the new culture, many tensions came about. Coney Island and the new culture reflected these tensions in various ways. From 1870-1920, American population grew immensely; it tripled from 39 million to 105 million (Lecture Notes, 1/17/06). With population on the rise, the United States became more urbanized, more city like and less rural. The cities were being packed with more people, many of them immigrants, which is a big factor to the rising population. Many people were moving to the city, whether they were fresh immigrants or earlier immigrants that had already lived in America. Among the new immigrants were Irish and African Americans, and other Europeans. (Lecture Notes 1/17/06). Others that already lived in rural America were Latinos, Chicanos, and other African Americans. Of these minorities, whether they were immigrants to America the country itself, or to the new urban city life, they all faced racial tensions. But being a minority at Coney Island
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hist2110 coney island paper - Tensions in America at the...

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