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hist2110 hist final cheat sheet - WW2 War at Home Economic...

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WW2 War at Home – Economic Mobilization boosted by fed spending, US economy emerges from depression; 16 million enlist in armed forces opens jobs for women, people of color; helps lead to 2 nd migration with 1.5 million blacks heading north. D-Day Invasion @ Normandy – success in Africa & stalemate on eastern front, allies plan to invade western front; Hitler aware, but not knowing where US British Intel played on Hitler suspicion of invasion at Calais. Invasion @ Normandy June 4 1944 – 200,000 allied troops storm beaches, largest amphibious landing in military history; 50,000 allied dead, 200,000 Germans; war in Europe over less than year after invasion. Battle of the Bulge – Dec/Jan 1944-45, last German offensive, Nazis attempt to starve off defeat, increase tensions btn soviets & US about Europe’s future. Dresden Firebombing – allied air strikes against Germany destroy Dresden later seen as excessive/unnecessary. VE Day – may 8 1945 victory. Yalta Conference btn Churchill, Stalin, US. Battle of Midway – halts Japan advances, seen as turning point in pacific war, us gradually pushes Japs back to Japan. Firebombing of Japan – afraid to invade Japan, devastating for both sides, US begins massive firebombing summer 1945 killing over million Jap civilians. Firebombs – kill civilians, German blitz of London, 50,000 casualties, allied in Dresden 225,000 dead in night. Camps in WW2 – Japanese internment, over 100,000 Japs & Jap Americans put into concentration camps in US; German Holocaust anti Jew campaigns in 30s, expand to eliminate Jews, US slow to act due to anti-Semitism within US itself; 6 million Jews dead, 4-5 non million in German camps. WW2 Stats – over 50 mil killed, US 16 mil serve 400,000 killed, only one without significant civilian dead, 86% axis casualties, 10+ mil from holocaust, 10 mil Chinese starved by Japs, 20+mil Soviets, 10+mil civilians, 1/9 population. Bipolar war – good/bad, capitalism/democracy v communist. Truman Doctrine – provide economic, military aid, to govts threatened by communists, Greece/turkey 400 million aid, globalizes US foreign policy. Marshall Plan – economy recovery for west Europe, billions in direct US aid to shore up industrial democracies against Soviets. National Security Act 1947 - coordinate military, intel, defense planning, Natl Sec Council, Dept Defense, CIA, basis for covert cold war. Chinese Revolution – Mao Tse-Tung & communists gain control of China 1949, Truman attacked for losing China & being soft on communism, reinforces wrong view that communism is monolithic – no room for nationalism in bipolar cold war worldview. Korean War – NK invades SK June 25 1950; since Truman “lost China”, pressured to enter war to contain communism, US believes USSR, Chinese behind war, again ignoring question of nationalism; Mac Arthur attempts rollback communists, China enters war leading to 2 year stalemate. CIA & Cuba - 1959 Castro & communist rev, Castro seizes billions of
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hist2110 hist final cheat sheet - WW2 War at Home Economic...

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