04-03-07 - virtual reality vs ubiquitous computing while...

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Sheet1 Page 1 wearable computer. .. ubiquitous computring ubiquitous - everywhere calm technology pervasive computing transform the body in an interface censors everywhere on the body? mark weiser (1952-99), ubiquitous comp: an earlier view on bringing the digital inside the physical 3rd era in the history of computers 1950-75 mainframes (one comp, many people) 75-95 personal computers (one computer, one person) 95-? ubiquitous computing (many computers, one person) what is calm technology? move from the center to the periphery of our attention and vice versa technology that does not require your full attention technology that helps you with a task. .. without having to focus on a the technology itself examples: glasses, pen (but sucks when it runs out of ink) invisibility ubiquitous computing = calm technology technology recedes into the background of our lives computers are embedded in our daily lives and not part of a distant (virtual) reality virtural reality --> embedded technology
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Unformatted text preview: virtual reality vs ubiquitous computing while virt reality puts people inside a computer-generted. .. ubqiutious is diff. puts computers in your world. .. weiser, 96 xerox palo alto research center (prototypes) live board, clear board parc pad parc tab ubiquitous computering --> pervasive computing/media some consequences of perasive computing: surveillance (Minority Report) Iroshi Ishi (MIT Media Lab): Tangible bits Goal: transforming bits into a palpable experience 3 types of interfaces: 1. interface surfaces betwen physical and virtual spaces 2. graspable physical objects that couple bits and toms, and 3. ambient media, represented by background interfaces such as sound, light, and airflow The world is not a desktop what's the metaphor for the computer of the future? Sheet1 Page 2 ie data input for walmart. knowing exactly what is in the store desktop ---> desktop metaphor ---> ?? (physical)(virtual)(hybrid) ie...
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04-03-07 - virtual reality vs ubiquitous computing while...

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