04-17-07 Townsend, Location Based Devices

04-17-07 Townsend, Location Based Devices - 2005 the us...

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Sheet1 Page 1 townsend location awareness one that has a critical role: time square, shibuya, soeul, union sqaure shboo incorporated location based services rheingold: location sending wireless organizers . .. enable people to act together in new ways and in situations where collective >> using cell phones as collective media (examples) mogimogi, gps in phones -- being lost gps difference in postion Mm accuracy triangle-ation japan :: location based services location awareness: 1999, japen. .. real time map and directions are available (rheingold, 2002, p97) 2000, clinton administration removes degradaton on civilian gps signal relevance :: now gps became popular, and ONSTAR, kidding now gps was accurate for directions. what would be the point before: ** same year that geocaching became popular, in oregon 2003, first gps phone in japan
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Unformatted text preview: 2005 the us government hs ordered that all cell phones sold in the country become location aware as of 2005 (emergency cal l s barkuus & dey (2003) 2 types of location-based services: 1. location-tracking (3rd Party) ex: prisoners, jennifer's neighbor with altzheimers 2. position-aware ex: camping, travelling, time adjustments for cell phones townsend: 1990s fear of architects and urban designers: >> communication / social interaction would migrate to digital spaces society: how does this translate socially townsends conclusion on if everything would go online. .. because we are still grounded with physical material shopping v ecommerce education v distance de tourism how are urban spaces being changed :: pervasive. .. location based word board what can you do with location-awareness??...
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