04-24-07 Digital Divide

04-24-07 Digital Divide - most gaps are being reduced...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Digital Divide It is really ture that people and countries become exlcuded becuse they are disconnected from Internet-based networks? Or, rather, it is because of their connection that they become dependent on economies and cultures in which they have little c h in Global Perspective: 1. meanings of digital divide: usual meaning: haves vs have-nots new meaning: differential access - low vs high speed - wired vs wireless Under what conditions, and for what purposes, does inclusion/exclusion in/from Internet-based networked translate into better o (USA) ITU, 2005 international telecomm union Internet access: 60% PCs: 76% internl digital divide (2000) +75K, 70% access 25-34K, 25% 15-24k, 18% -15k, 18% TODAY, numbs are prolly increased income has a relation to access to the internet education: +BA, 74% High School, 30% Elem/Middle, 21% ((all found in the text) 2 main findings (p 251)
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Unformatted text preview: most gaps are being reduced internet access growth rates are inversely correlated to the level of penetration in each population segment (the new divide) and what about the rest of the world? continent/access (2000) N. american, 42% w. europe, 23% asia, 20% latin american, 4% e. europe, 4.7% africa, .6% high access = wireless/cable (high speed) vs. low access = modern/dail-up (slow speed) Sheet1 Page 2 DD still determined by: income education p 27 . .. an urban systeam socially and spatially polarized between high value-making groups and funcations on the one hand a diff inter acces drien by a apg in the eleecomm infra 1. telecomm bypass built to connect important centers and ingores the rest of he pop 2 net isp are depende on us and euro backbone 3. ?? how is the technology of the digital divide changing?...
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04-24-07 Digital Divide - most gaps are being reduced...

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