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04-10-07 Silva - mann created the first pack back wearable...

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Sheet1 Page 1 cell phones portable --> wearable remote control locative device ...what else? how's research on computers/internet developing today? (rheingold, p 84-85) information in places (media linked to location) .. gps, location aware cell phones smart rooms (responsive environments) .. sensors digital cities (add information to urban spaces) .. wifi, wimax, wibro sentient objects (add information to physical objects) .. barcodes, rfid tages tangible bits (manipulating the virtual world with physical objects) .. iroshi ishii, mit media lab wearable computers (embedd computers/information in clothes) .. steve mann / cell phones Cyborg -- coined by manfred clynes and nathan kline cyber + org(anism) :: human organism + computer mechanism steve mann = long-term cyborg
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Unformatted text preview: mann created the first pack back wearable computer in the late 1970s part of the self (not separate). control by the wearer. constant, never turned off. mann's wearable computer (rheingold) 1. could access the internet and email 2. could add and subtract features form the world around him 3. he could wear it all the time 4. as he navigates the world, he sees only the output of his head-mounted camera, as they are filtered through his wearable c o the video: architecture. one building for on occupant. being recording by both sons? parents didn't have any privacy. nothing could get past him. .. he could detect the presence of s o the covert camera. .. privacy. what about the camera's in walmart. . covert and not....
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