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phil2200 Test_1_Examples_Answers

phil2200 Test_1_Examples_Answers - Section I Matching...

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Section I: Matching Section II: Underline the conclusion I know Stan didn’t intend to hurt those children, nor did he lose control. Stan’s car must have been broken . Because, if Stan did not do it intentionally nor did he lose control, then his car must have been broken. Section III: Short answer/multiple choice “Sylvia has run a marathon or Sylvia has not run a marathon.” The previous statement is (Necessarily True /Necessarily False) List the 5 criteria of critical thinking 1 Clarity 2 Consistency 3 Relevance 4 Justification 5 Explanatory/Predictive Power Section IV: Diagramming (use the numbering provided) Bill is a cow (1). Cows eat grass and chew on Cud (2). Bill chews on Cud (3).
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