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psych 1000 chapter 1 - Psych Chapter 1 Sigmund Freud-...

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Psych Chapter 1 Sigmund Freud- developed theory of human behavior; psychoanalysis Psychoanalysis- term Freud used for both his theory personality and his theory for the treatment of psychological disorders; the unconscious is the primary focus of psychoanalytic theory. Chares Darwin- idea of evolution and the continuity of species were largely responsible for an increased use of animals in psychological experiments BF Skinner- concepts; behavioral concepts William James- advocate of functionalism; wrote principles of psychology; taught stream of consciousness Wilhelm Wundt- father of psychology; used introspection; believed that consciousness could be reduced to its basic elements; pure sensations Goals psych- description, explanation, prediction, influence Informed consent- participants must be informed of the purpose of the study and its potential for harming them Debriefing- when participants are deceived, the researcher must tell participants about the deception as soon as the study is complete Deception- it is participants right, sometimes necessary when ethical and requires debriefing Representative sample- a sample that mirrors the population of interests; it includes important subgroups in the same proportions as they are found in that population Experimental population- the only research method that can be used to identify cause & affect relationships between two or more variables Psychological perspectives- general points of view used for explaining peoples behavior and thinking, whether normal or abnormal Socioculture approach- the view that social and cultural factors may be just as powerful
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psych 1000 chapter 1 - Psych Chapter 1 Sigmund Freud-...

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