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psych 1000 chapter 4

psych 1000 chapter 4 - Chapter 4 Terms Activation synthesis...

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Chapter 4 Terms Activation synthesis hypothesis of dreaming: dreams are the brains attempt to make sense of the random firing of brain cells during REM sleep Altered state of consciousness: changes in awareness. Can be changed by sleep, meditation, drugs, etc. Circadian Rhythm: 24 hour cycle or bodily functions and behaviors Circadian theory of sleep: sleep evolved to keep humans out of harms’ way during the night Consciousness: things that we are aware of such as thoughts, feelings, sensations and external environment. Delta Wave: slowest brain wave pattern = deep sleep (stage 3 and 4 of NREM sleep) Depressants: decrease activity in the central nervous system = bodily functions slow down and reduced sensitivity to outside stimulations = downers (Ex: Alcohol, Barbiturates, tranquilizers, and narcotics) Hallucinogens: can alter and distort time and space, alter mood, produce feeling of unreality, cause hallucinations. (Ex: marijuana, LSD, and Ecstasy or MDMA) Insomnia: sleep disorder. Difficulty falling or staying asleep, waking too early or poor-quality
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