psych 1000 chapter 6

psych 1000 chapter 6 - PSY 1000 Exam#3 Study Guide...

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Skinner’s view/learning theory of language - language is shaped through reinforcement. Parents criticize incorrect speech & rein force correct speech through praise, approval, & attention. Theory of B.F. Skinner Chromsky’s theory;(LAD) - known as The Nativist Position. The brain contains a language acquisition device that enables children to sort the stream of speech they hear around them in ways that allow them to discover grammar rules. Thus children learn that an adjective precedes a noun; i.e. big house. Babbling @ 6 months, 1 word @ 1 year, 2 words @ 18-20 months Surface structure- literal words of a sentence that are spoken, written, or signed. Deep structure- the underlying meaning of a sentence Structural view of language- Functional view of language- Interactionist perspective- Encoding- transmitting info into a form so it can be stored in memory Consolidation- physiological change in the brain that allows encoded info to store in memory Storage- Retrieval- remembering info stored in memory Atkinson-Shriffin model- 3 different interacting memory systems: sensory memory, short term memory, long term memory Sensory memory- the memory system that holds info from the senses for a period of time ranging from a fraction of a second to about 2 seconds Short term (working) memory (STM) -
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psych 1000 chapter 6 - PSY 1000 Exam#3 Study Guide...

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