Soc 2000 3x5 index card test #4, chapter 11

Soc 2000 3x5 index card test #4, chapter 11 - Coercion-...

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Coercion - imposing a political script on citizens. Volition - people agree to go along with political decisions. Legitimate government- people agree with the script that defines it. Charismatic authority- the essence of this is personality; the personality of the charismatic leader that compels people to follow; rooted in values & beliefs of a society that celebrate certain unusual personality traits. Routinization of charisma- Weber used to explain how qualities of a charismatic leader are preserved. Traditional authority- often based upon the routinization of charisma in the past; based on customs; based on a cultural script that has created a customary way of governing a society. Rational-legal authority- represents a master script that has been deliberately planned & written down. Declaration of Independence represents a formal challenge & justification for the War. represents a master script or what Weber called a rational-legal foundation for a gov. BoR
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