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Soc 2000 notecard test 2, chapters 4,5,6

Soc 2000 notecard test 2, chapters 4,5,6 - Agent of...

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Agent of socialization- anyone who shapes the social selves of others by getting them to accept a social script &/or the values & beliefs that justify it. Initial agent of soc = 1 st person who gets you to accept a script &/or its supporting values & beliefs. Cultural clone- agent of socialization that parrots script messages found in a larger cultural setting. Cultural innovator- agent of socialization that modifies or alters a cultural theme & gets parishioners to buy into that script. Role models promote by example. Moral entrep. Ex politicians. actively try to persuade others to buy into a set of behavioral preferences &/or the values & beliefs that support them. Use persuasion to get people to accept/disagree with behavioral preferences. Interpret events . Public role models famous people known to influence large # of ppl. Operate by example. Vicarious role models performers who give opportunity to imaginatively share their experiences & identity with their character. Acquaintance role models people who we personally know and influence us by example. Interpretations are used to justify or explain events associated with a preferred script. Public moral entrep. Promote &/or interpret social scripts to large # of people in public setting; persuasion.
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