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04-11-07 Third World, Latin America

04-11-07 Third World, Latin America - troubled relationship...

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Sheet1 Page 1 Third World Cinema 1st = HW, 2nd = Auteurist Cinema's "purpose" -- entertainment, education, art, elightenment, CRITICISM art is always political -- for certain national cinemas, this connection is all the most relevant and all the more esily discernable esp. 3rd world - at the forefront of "revolutionary cinema" popular medium -- capable of bringing about change Third World cinema as globally important as Neorealism/NewWave political genres/styles in 3rd world 1. historical examples of resistance 2. exile (africa, latin america) 3. plumbing indigenous culture (return to sources) - narrator GRIOT, town crier, community historian/anchorman Rejection of Hollywood gross bold, aggressive, direct handheld b/w cheaply made camera as predator soure ENORMOUS impact on 1st/2nd world political cinemas in europe & the us, the influence of brecht (certain 3rd world filmmakers are steeped in brecht, also) LATIN AMERICA
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Unformatted text preview: troubled relationship with HW cinema, proximity HW's interest in Latin America since 1930s Result?: a variety of cinematic sources- soviet montage (political relevance)- neorealism (incscapable - critical and palatable)- direct cinema (britian, france, us)- documentary, non-professional, hand-held- european "young cinemas" (FNW - emphasis on authorship and on alienated, youth culture- hollywood continuity alos attempts to theorize political filmmaking - a number of manifesto - like essays - these essays helped create a strand of un memories of underdevelopment (1968) thomas guiterrez alea - cuba alea's 5th film made for ICAIC (castro's "cuban institution of film art and industry")-lended by alfredo guevara (che's brother) Sheet1 Page 2 1961 - between bay of pigs / missile crisis- what appears to be the point of this film? what idea is the diretor attempting to convey?...
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04-11-07 Third World, Latin America - troubled relationship...

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