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The Great Mosque of Cortabar - Cortabar, Spain Began 784-786 during the reign of ‘Abd al-Rahman I - Hypostyle plan – rectangular prayer hall and an enclosed prayer hall echo mosques of Syria (Samara) and Iraq (Damascus). - Columns – system of columns supporting double arcades of piers and arches with alternating red and white voussoirs was unusual. - Red and white voussoirs – are associated with Umayyad monuments such as the Great Mosque of Damascus and the Dome of the Rock. It emphasizes ‘Abd al-Rahman’s connection to the established Umayyad tradition. - Materials – used stone and brick in the building.
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Unformatted text preview: -Arches horseshoe arches-Minarets -attached-Maqsura The most lavish, prayer space reserved for ruler. Visually separated from the rest of the prayer hall by screens. o Carved marble, stucco, and elaborate mosaics-Mihrab unprecedented for taking the form of an entire room rather than the traditional niche-1236 Ferdinand III consecrated the mosque as the citys cathedral. -16 th century Gothic chapel was built into the heart of the mosque. (Red & White Voussoirs) (Lavish mihrab) (attached minaret) (Double Arcades)...
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