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Midterm - Dome of the Rock - always reigned supreme-Artwork...

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The Dome of the Rock – Jerusalem Completed in 691, making it the oldest extant Islamic building. - Umayyad - Location – Built over a rocky area identified as Adam’s burial, Abraham’s sacrifice of his son. - First work of Islamic Architecture - Inspiration – Byzantine works of Syria and Palestine. - Byzantine – Beautifully coloured marble columns and piers sheathed in plaques of veined marble support arches and walls. - Mosaics – coloured and gilded glass cubes evelop the upper walls of the octagons and the drum. - Octagonal with four entrances at the cardinal points - Temple mount in Jerusalem - Formerly Jewish - Qu’ranic inscriptions at the top of the arcade – serve to refute Christian or Jewish beliefs and promote Islam instead in a city where others have
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Unformatted text preview: always reigned supreme.-Artwork within – representations of fantastic trees, plants, fruits jewels, chalices and crowns. (unlike Byzantine pieces showing biblical images)-Not really a mosque-Centrally organized-Internal use of space creates a sense of holiness-Use of Byzanitine/Roman material-Light comes in from the dome and shines upon the rock-Floral motifs-16 th century - Tile façade was added by Ottomans-Gold Leafing – donated by King of Jordan-View of the Rock – from anywhere in the building-View – Cannot see dome in its entirety without stepping on the rock itself.-Inroduces Islam as a contender with other religions, intended to represent the presence of Islam in Jerusalem....
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