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Palaces – for the Abbasid caliphs in Iraq and their governors - Current state – Many have since disappeared, but once were filled with zoological gardens, endless numbers of palaces, cavalry, etc. - Weathervane – shape of a horseman – considered to be the ‘crown’ of Baghdad. - Samarra : mid ninth century – there are still remains of the palaces in Samarra because no one lived there after the city was abandoned - Sunken apartments arranged around pools provided relief from the torrid climate. - Materials – Baked brick, carved stucco o 3 techniques carved, derived from the geometricized vegetal decoration of the Umayyad period.
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Unformatted text preview: Cross-hatching for details, subjects are somewhat simplified but are still distinguished from the background “belled” style – moulded technique suitable for covering large wall surfaces, uses a distinctive slanted cut-Reasons for changes in designs o Architecture reflects the change from the more egalitarian society of early Islamic times into the more hierarchical society of Abbasid times, where Persian ideas of kingship were increasingly adopted by Islamic rulers. o The mosque as an institution was becoming less and less attached to the ruler and more and more to a class of learned scholars called the ulema-...
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