ag final transition to sustainable - 1 Sustainable...

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Sustainable agriculture is defined as any agricultural system that promotes environmental health, social equity, and economic profitability. There are two strategies that I feel could be used to support a transition to sustainable agriculture. The first strategy that I would employ would be to shift the trend of food distribution from a global food market to a localized food market. The second strategy that I would implement would be increased utilization of the no-till method of farming. This method is gaining popularity as people are finding out that there are great long-term benefits and little opportunity cost. First of all, I think that a shift from a global market to a more local market would be a good way to support a transition to a more sustainable agricultural system. If this could be successfully done all three sectors of sustainable agriculture would benefit greatly. By eliminating the food retailer’s part in the mainstream food system and moving on to a system in which the producer of the food could efficiently sell his or her product directly to the consumer, we could increase the economic profitability of the farmer. With the current mainstream industrial agriculture system in place it is hard for privately owned farms to make adequate profits because they often have to sell their products to retailers and manufacturers at a low price. There are currently local farmer’s markets set up all over the place but this is not where a majority of consumers get their
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ag final transition to sustainable - 1 Sustainable...

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