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Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface

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1 University of California, Berkeley College of Engineering Computer Science Division EECS Spring 2001 John Kubiatowicz Homework Quiz (HW #4) March 4, 2001 CS152 Computer Architecture and Engineering This quiz covers one of the problems from homework #4. Good Luck! Your Name: SID Number: Discussion Section: Total:
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2 The BSET instruction Figure 1: A multicycle data path Figure 1 shows the multicycle datapath from the book. In your homework, you implemented the bcp instruction, which copied a block of words from one location in memory to another. In this problem, we will implement something much simpler, namely the block set instruction: bset $t1,$t2,$t3 {$t1 mem[t3], mem[t3+1] … mem[t3+t2]} This instruction takes the value in register $t1, and stores it back to a block of words of memory of size $t2 words, starting at the address in $t3 . The coding of this instruction is as follows: $t1 is in the RT field, $t2 is in the RS field, $t3 is in the RD field.
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