ag final socio-economic structure - 1 The Socio-Economic...

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The Socio-Economic structure and organization of the United States food and agricultural system has greatly changed over the last century. Prior to World War II America was made up of mostly small privately owned farms. This is how a majority of people made their living because there was a high demand for food and the there was not enough technology to produce food for the entire country. In the post World War II era there were huge advances in technology. Farm productivity increased greatly due to the utilization of machinery, increased use of chemicals, specialization, and governmental policies that encouraged maximizing production. Fewer farmers were now able to produce the majority of the food and fiber in the United States. These changes have caused many positive effects but have also had some detrimental effects to maintaining sustainable agriculture. One of the detrimental effects industrial agriculture has on sustainable agriculture includes high production costs. When farms adopt better technology it often comes at a high cost. The high cost of new technology often forces producers to specialize in one
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ag final socio-economic structure - 1 The Socio-Economic...

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