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Jason Weihbrecht Sustainable Agriculture Science and Policy According to the Crews et al. article that I read, the definition of Sustainable Agriculture includes making farming more environmentally sound, to revitalize rural communities, and improve the financial standing of farmers. The definition presented in the Allen et al. article was very similar. Allen says that, “A Sustainable Agriculture is one that equitably balances concerns of environmental soundness, economic viability, and social justice among all sectors of society.” In the Allen article it is stated that technological aspects of sustainability are often overemphasized. Allen believes that social problems need to be addressed as well as the technological ones. Some of the technological biases he sees are a separation from nature and humans trying to dominate it, measuring progress by the increase in application of science and technology, emphasizing technology and formal social institutions over natural systems and less formal aspects of society, and failing to see how human societies fit into and are dependent on larger natural systems (Allen et al). He believes that the
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ageco - Jason Weihbrecht Sustainable Agriculture Science...

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