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MIDTERM STUDY GUIDE H162A Spring 2008 Tuesday 4 March 2008, Northgate 105, 12.30-2pm. What kind of exam is it? Closed book: no assigned texts/notes allowed. Bring Blue Books How many questions? Exam has two sections A & B. Answer THREE questions : ONE from Section A, TWO from Section B Why two sections? Section A asks for essay type answer on mainline lecture discussions; Section B is based on Reader + assigned memoirs/novels Choice of questions? Section A menu of 3; Section B menu of 4 How much time for the exam? 75 minutes. Exam starts 12.40pm promptly, ends 1.55 pm. Suggested time division: Section A: Essay, 40 minutes Section B: Two questions: 12 minutes each Review time: 10 minutes What material is included in the exam?
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Unformatted text preview: 1 Lectures: weeks 1-6 2 Assigned texts: Kennedy, Rich, Reader, and Diary of a Foot Soldier NB Use all relevant material in both sections of the exam. For example, sections of the Reader will be helpful for Section A Any IDs? Yes- there will be one optional ID question in Section B. Explain in 2-3 sentences significance of SIX of the following: Multipolar, over stretch, European Pentarchy, geopolitics, hybrid power, mercantilism, Gribeauval, standing army, ancient regime, Bank of England, Blenheim, Narva, Treaty of Utrecht, Peace of Versailles, levee en masse, Peace of Amiens, Valmy, Jena, Continental System, Congress System, Talleyrand....
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