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1 IB 31 Midterm I, March 3 , 2008 Name:_______ Key ______________ I. Multiple Choice (40 points) GSI: _________________________ 1. Who lead the attack on the group selectionist arguments of Wynne-Edwards? ___ A K. von Frisch ___ B. L. Tinbergen ___ C. N. Tinbergen ___ D. G. C. Williams ___ E. G. Larson See Feb. 6 lecture notes. 2. Which organisms most influenced Darwin as he was formulating his Theory of Natural Selection? ___ A. Earthworms ___ B. Salt and Pepper Moths ___ C. Finches ___ D. Barnacles ___ E. Turtles 3. Which is not one of Niko Tinbergen’s ‘Four Questions’? ___ A. How does a behavior develop? ___ B. What individuals share this behavior? ___ C. What is the survival value of a behavior? ___ D. How did the behavior evolve? ___ E. What are the mechanisms that produce the behavior? 4. The name of the ship on which Darwin served as Naturalist was the ___ A. H.M.S. Shepard ___ B. H.M.S. Beetle ___ C. H.M.S. Bagel Yes, Dr. Caldwell meant to spell this choice as it appears. ___ D. H.M.S. Wolf ___ E. None of the above It was the H.M.S. Beagle 5. A direct measure of your evolutionary personal fitness might be: ___ A. How long you live. ___ B. How many grand children you have. ___ C. How fast you can run a mile. ___ D. How old you were when you had your first child. ___ E. How many sisters and brothers you have. - Choice A is incorrect because reproduction is what matters, not longevity (a longer life may or may not mean more reproduction). - Choice B is measures the number of your descendents and thus how many copies of your genes were passed on. - For choice C, your mile time could be viewed as a proxy for fitness, but since choice B includes a direct measure of the number of copies of your genes that were passed on, you should choose B over C. 6. Darwin was to the Galapagos as Wallace was to ___ A. South America ___ B. Philippines ___ C. The Malay Archipelago ___ D. The Cook Islands ___ E. The Hawaiian Islands 1
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See Feb. 4 lecture notes. 7. Scott and Fuller studied the genetic bases of behaviors in ___ A. Ducks ___ B. Chickens ___ C. Red Deer ___ D. Dogs ___ E. Finches See Feb. 20 lecture notes. 8. Which of the following statements is incorrect? ___ A. Phenotypic differences result from genes, environment, and gene-environment interactions ___ B. Genotypes are inherited; phenotypes are not. ___ C. Selection operates on genotypes, not phenotypes. ___ D. Behaviors are phenotypes. 9. In Steve Arnold’s study of predation by Garter Snakes, the foothill population of snakes: ___ A. Preferred slugs due to their high nutritional content. ___ B. Avoided slugs because of their chemical similarity to leeches. ___ C. Had a single gene accounting for all variation in food preference. ___ D. All of the above
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IB31+MidtermI+Sp08+key - IB 31 Midterm I March 3 2008 I...

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