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Spring 2008 Psychology 1 Set 1 Study Guide Don’t forget to bring a SCANTRON form (Red Form No. F-288) and pencil to the exam Set 1 Study Guide, Page 2 Topic 2: Research Methods I. You should be able to provide a 2-3 sentence description from memory of the following terms: field study standard deviation double-blind method validity inference central tendency event-related fMRI IRBs reliability II. You should be able to write a 1-page essay from memory for each of these study questions. 1. Describe the ways in which descriptive research methods are used in psychology. In your analysis, provide examples of such methods. How do these methods differ from experimental methods? 2. How are independent, dependent, and subject variables used in psychological research. Think of a psychological experiment and identify these variables in your experiment. In addition, describe how you have controlled for other variables. 3. Describe how a psychological scientist proceeds in doing research—from generating a
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