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Spring 2008 Psychology 1 Set 1 Study Guide Don’t forget to bring a SCANTRON form (Red Form No. F-288) and pencil to the exam Set 1 Study Guide, Page 3 Topic 3: Biological Foundations: Genes, Neurons & Synapses I. You should be able to provide a 2-3 sentence description from memory of the following terms: genotype vs phenotype alleles DNA sodium-potassium pump agonist Tryon genetic study II. You should be able to write a 1-page essay from memory for each of these study questions. 1. Describe ways in which genes can influence behavior. Cite three behavioral disorders associated with genetic abnormalities. Also, describe how fMRI has been used to address genetic influences on behavior (e.g., Hariri et al., 2002 study). 2. Describe ways in which the internal and external environment can influence gene expression. In your answer, describe the Caspi et al (2003) study as an example of such influences. Also, how do twin studies address the nature-nurture question? 3. How did Darwin explain genetic variation (i.e., natural selection)? How has his theory
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