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In InDesign and Illustrator PEN TOOL Illustrator InDesign A path is made up of one or more straight or curved segments. The beginning and end of each segment is marked by anchor points, which work like pins holding a wire in place. You change the shape of a path by editing its anchor points. DRAWING STRAIGHT LINES You can create a maze of straight lines, simply by click- ing the pen tool around on your document. To make sure the lines remain perfectly horizontal or vertical, hold the shift key down while clicking. In both Illustrator and InDesign, you must “tell” the computer when your line has ended by holding down the
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Unformatted text preview: command key (control on PCs) and clicking away from the line. This will “set” the line(s) as you have drawn them. DRAWING CURVES This is the hardest tool to master, but well worth the effort when you do. To create curves, instead of just clicking with the Pen Tool, you must click and DRAG the tool. Doing so will give you direction lines and points that you can adjust to change the curve or angle of the line. If you wish to add or delete an anchor point, simply choose the correct pen tool (the plus to add, the minus to delete) and click on the path. Direction Line Direction Point Anchor Point Path...
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