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What is the most successful film franchise in terms of box office gross dollars earned?Harry
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What independent film company was acquired by Disney in 1993? Miramax
What year did Sony buy the MGM studio complex in Culver City? 2004
Which Coen brother’s film stars Jeff Bridges as a bowler who drinks White Russians? The Big
Lebowski What year was Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction released?1994
Who is the founder and leader of Newscorp – Fox? Rupert Murdoch
What important rule change was made by the Federal Communications Commission in 1993?
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What Japanese consumer electronics company purchased Universal Studios in 1990?
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What year was Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction released? 1994
Who starred in the Sundance winner, The Tao of Steve?Donal Logue
Who purchased Universal studios in 1996?
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Unformatted text preview:Seagram Inc. Which young director agreed to backstop Robert Altman on his last film, A Prairie Home Companion? Paul Thomas Anderson How much did Disney pay for Pixar? $7.4 billion What television network was acquired by Paramount - Viacom in 1996? CBS Who wrote the book upon which Jurassic Park was based? Michael Crichton Which is not an example of a film shot with the Red Digital Camera? Pulp Fiction What year did the Kinney National Company acquire Warner Brothers- Seven Arts? 1970 Who directed Eat, Drink, Man, Woman? Ang Lee What television network was acquired by Disney in 1995? Capital Cities / ABC Who directed Adaptation? Spike Jonze Who directed Slackers? Richard Linklater What year did Sony form a joint venture with CBS' Columbia Records? 1968