Extra Credit - person that can make the correct and needed changes in this country Who wouldn’t listen to that I quote Hillary “This is the

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Extra Credit Assignment “Take any candidate, and judge them on their persuasive qualities” After reading a few articles about Hillary Clintons foreign policy thoughts, and certain issues she has brought up to the public, I realize, she has a very persuasive voice because she touches on issues, and makes promises towards them, that really hit home, that really need to be addressed, such as no child left behind, and withdrawing troops from Iraq quickly. Not only does she make all these promises, but the big man, Bill Clinton, comes in from behind, saying as of right now, it looks like Hillary is the only
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Unformatted text preview: person that can make the correct, and needed changes in this country. Who wouldn’t listen to that? I quote Hillary; “This is the greatest country in the world, we have just lost our way. We are going to get back on the path to goodness and greatness again!” After small research into this topic of persuasiveness, I’ve made up my mind that Hillary is promising, and judging her now, she’s alright to me, Hillary Clinton, seems the most fit, and appropriate to make the changes we need in this country in times like these....
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