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Solutions to Midterm II practice

Solutions to Midterm II practice - b 1.91 nm 12...

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Midterm Practice Solutions 1. n=30 Potential energy is infinity at the x=0, x=L. 2. 7.54x10^-17 m 3. b 4. Trick question. They’re all false. (Ok I actually just made a mistake when I was typing up the questions) 5. e 6. 1.46x10^7 m/s 7. 3rd Ionization Energy vs. Z 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Z Ionization Ener Between Z=13 and Z=14 as well as Z=16 and Z=17 will be those exceptions to that ionization energy trend that the I.E. increases as you move across a period. 8.
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9. 10. The graph will just look like a sine graph between 0 and L. At x=0 and L, the wavefunction will be 0. There will be n-1 nodes, so in this case 3 nodes (i.e. 3 points between 0 and L that the graph will change signs). b) 1.36x10^-17 Joules 11. a) 6.601x10^-20 Joules
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Unformatted text preview: b) 1.91 nm 12. Schrodinger’s model works for many electron systems. Also, solving Schrodinger’s equations showed the existence of the various quantum numbers while Bohr just postulated that quantum numbers existed. 13. An object emits radiation at all times in the form of thermal energy. This thermal energy is carried by electromagnetic waves dependent on the temperature of the object. The source of this radiation are oscillating charges on the surface of the object that gain or lose energy in packets, or photons proportional to its frequency. Planck showed that energy was quantized, meaning only discrete values of energy were allowable in a given system. 14. 1.12x10^30 mol/s*g...
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Solutions to Midterm II practice - b 1.91 nm 12...

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