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H ouse of G od 1004 24 th Street Oakland, CA 94607 (510) 452- 4243 Pesach - A Story of Freedom and Deliverance To many children Pesach (Passover) is all about eating Matzah and marching. In reality it is much, much, more. Passover is a time for each of us to remember the price that Christ has paid that we might have an opportunity to be part of his royal family. In the Jewish Cultrual, much reflection is done on both the deliverance of the children of Israel from Egypt and the deliverance of the Jews from the Holocast. All of us have been in bondage to sin at some time in our life. If we have managed to escape that bondage, it is only because of Yashieur death, burial, and resurrection. Won’t you join in celebration of the Pesach “Feast of Unleaven” bread with us as we reflect on our own deliverance both natural and spiritual and look forward to our resurrection with him in his second coming. Where Do I Begin - In all thy getting, get an understanding Exdous 12 th Chapter v 16- the first day and the last day is a Holy Convocation no work shall be done, only that which is required to eat. V18 - you shall observe the Feast of Unleaven Bread in the first month from the fourteenth day of the month at evening, until the twenty-first day of the month at evening. V19 - no leavening shall be found in your house for the duration of the feast. Greetings “Hag Sameach” - “Happy Holiday” is the greeting for the Passover holiday Home Traditions Preparation for Passover may begin with a full spring cleaning of the house, with special concentration on the kitchen, removing al hametz(leavening) from the house and bringing out dishes and utensils only used for Passover. Hametz is technically the fermented mixture of various grains, it symbolically represents the remnants of the bitter Egyptian slave experience. Hametz is the symbol of oppression, since Passover is a feast of deliverance hametz is forbidden during the passover celebration. Preparation for Seders 1. Begin planning by determining if the seder is for home, or church. If at home are you inviting guest, if at church are you the sole planner or is the seder being planned as a group. 2.
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Passover Info - House of God 1004 24th Street Oakland CA...

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