Poli sci - Citizen power Paying for products at 23 Turn our...

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2.6.08 Mike Rabell Senator of Alaska which was made statehood in 1969. Wrote book: 2 nd chapter about the National initiative…everybody will be able to make laws by jurisdiction. Thinks its criminal for college students to graduate into debt. 1/3 of children don’t graduate from high school. From Barrios its 50%. Democracy can’t survive without education and healthcare. We assume Business should carry the cost of healthcare, crushing business. Thinks income tax is crushing Americans. Why G.E. won’t make windmills primary energy source…too much investment in plutonium. Maglev: 300 to 400 mph Fica tax: …most aggressive of the income taxes which cut for the rich. The more you earn the more you pay; same as sales tax.
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Unformatted text preview: Citizen power: Paying for products at 23%. Turn our country from a consuming country into a savings country. Proportionality: the more you pay for something the less tax you pay. Would get troops out of War in 120 days. He will force peace between Israel and Palestine. Retrofit cars to handle Hydrogen. Media controls everything. You can’t fix any of our domestic problems without dealing with the fairness and transparency of taxation. Pentagon Papers: Daniel Elsberg(1971) saw we shouldn’t be in Vietnam so he studied why we got in. 700 page study and made it secret. Papers were top secret but he leaked them to New York Times....
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Poli sci - Citizen power Paying for products at 23 Turn our...

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