02.12 - 02.12.08 PACS 119(Strategic Nuclear weapons are...

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02.12.08 PACS 119 - (Strategic) Nuclear weapons are strange weapons not intended to be used b/c during  the Cold War: Deterrence: MAD – Mutually Assured Destruction—to deter a war by  making it too costly to start a war: consequences of using nukes first = being completely  incinerated - (Tactical) intended to be used smaller yield - US has some tactical nukes in Italy US Base / NATO security arrangement between US  and European Countries o In able to respond quickly to Soviet threat it stationed weapons in 6 European / 7  European Countries : 6 NonNuclear Weapon State-which went to 5- and also 1 in  GB which is nuclear weapons state - NPT : who’s out? o India, Pakistan, and Israel has never signed or ratified o Cuba until very recently had not signed or ratified the treaty but last year ratifieds With Cuba 188 members in NPT o Last year: new creation of new state: Kosovo—wants independence maybe this year  Montenegra—new country last year - Current membership: o 189 with montenegra and cuba o Some say NK is not out validly b/c they left w the intent of violating the treaty Continuing from Last Week: - Dimensions of the Threat
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o US and Russia jointly possess 97% of the world’s nuclear weapons o Less than 5% of world’s countries possess nuclear weapons Call upon the Haves to implement Article 6: Disarmament Article Nuclear weapon states must do away with these arsenals This article is part of the international law and therefore binding on US and Russia who are also part of the treaty Due date: “at an early date” = vague What about vertical proliferation? –not clear “Treaty on General and Complete Disarmament” no weapons at all—190 something countries that stated as the ultimate goal being complete disarmament o Article 6 in closer Look: It is broadly formulated—each party responsible for nuclear disarmament They have to have negotiations aimed at disarmament not just for the sake of negotiations How can you measure in good faith? 1 way is looking at how the numbers have changed?
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02.12 - 02.12.08 PACS 119(Strategic Nuclear weapons are...

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