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03.20 - o Pariah states& rogue scientists o Brazil...

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03.20.08 PCS Nuclear Non Proliferation: - get slides from online- Resolution 1540 rests on whether he is a state or nonstae actor. If he was a state actor (Abdul Qadeer), 1540 would not apply…and Resolution 1540 would not apply because it was enacted afterwards In the Libya case, USSR did not violate the NPT b/c it gave a safeguarded nuclear eractor. History: - Early Proliferation o Arms race between us and ussr o World leaders attempting to stop the spread of weapons through secrecy but it was not work - Second proliferation o After main powers—other countries try to get weapons o NPT was in affection o You could: Trust npt Pursue nuclear weapons programs - 21 st century:
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Unformatted text preview: o Pariah states & rogue scientists o Brazil, argentina, france: partnered to make nuclear powered submarine Challenges:-nother-South Korea’s Policy towards North Korea on WMD-military action plan 5027: possibility that south korea is willing to strike nk if necessary under kim yong sang Korean satellite launch-Rocket breaks in east sea-Rocket breaks in pacific ocean-3 rd stage: rocket finally goes into orbit THE US RESPONSE TO INDIA AND PAKISTAN:-India and us: only allowed to search certain research facilities Depleted Uranium: When, Whatt, Why DU can lead to kidney issues as it is the organ that is used to flush out DU...
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03.20 - o Pariah states& rogue scientists o Brazil...

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