10.25 - 10.25.07 Intro Westward movement of the antebellum...

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10.25.07 Intro: Westward movement of the antebellum years was about profit more than religion. There was some religious groups such as the Mormons that fled persecution But by large the westward settlement was a profit making phenomenon. It was violent What was new this time: ideological movement—an articulate and straight forward justification—manifest destiny of white Americans to conquer and settle the Indian land Magnitude of the movement: By 1840—a third of the population lived in the west of the Appalachians so basically the people living west where larger than the entire population than 1790 I. Public Domain a. Creation of a public domain under the jurisdiction of USA government was first step in western settlement. i. British had tried to restrain whites from going west. But at end of Revolutionary War GB ceded the entire area between the Appalachians to the Mississippi River to USA. ii. First task of Congress (under Articles) 1. Get control of the territory and make possession of land real. 2. Indians in area not impressed that GB had relinquished their land rights. 3. But Congress tried to send representatives to impress them repeatedly. b. Deal with the competing land claims of each of the states. i. South Carolina and Georgia both claiming area of Alabama and Mississippi ii. The states ceded to congress their western land claims iii. Now you have a public domain under federal government c. What to do with the land? i. Obvious thing: sell it to raise revenue 1. Granted tracks of it to soldiers in Continental Army 2. Goal of using public domain for revenue conflicted with another goal ii. Other goal: to make land available cheaply in small morsels to increase the agrarian country for yeoman farmers d. Triumph of Congress other than winning the war was the Northwest Ordinance II. Northwest Ordinance (1787) [1785 Land Ordinance and the 1787 Northwest Ordinance but for convenience sake we are combining Deals with area called northwest territory: ohio, Indiana, Illinois, wisconscin chief author: TJ goals of policy: rational and orderly settlement] a. Survey i. Before anyone was allowed to buy land all the land was surveyed into 6 mi sq townships, each of which was divided into sections that are divided into one mi sq which was then divided again
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1. Known as the rectangular survey 2. USA two diff forms of land surveying: a. In east : metes and bounds surveying (irregular) i. Followed the natural features of the landscape b. Rectangular survey : paid no attention to natural features i. Imposition of a rational orderly settlement ii. Why? 1. It was important to be able to label specific parcels to be able to sell them in an orderly way 2. To make land a more efficient commodity iii. Serious implications about American views of nature: 1. TJ and Congress were trying to create a rational not natural west ii. NORTHWEST TERRITORY IS IN THE MIDWEST(Michigan area?) ( KNOW WHERE IT IS ON THE MAP!) b. Statehood i. Based on population and federal govt would have a large amount of
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10.25 - 10.25.07 Intro Westward movement of the antebellum...

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