11.15 - 11.15.07 Antebellum America was a slave...

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11.15.07 Antebellum America was a slave society…however by 1830’s most whites did disapprove of slavery at some level thinking it was bad to some extent. But even northern whites had a hard time imagining a society with both free blacks and whites… So even the northerners who did not like slavery did not like abolitionists b/c they feared them as crazy radicals who were a threat to the country. I. Definition a. Antislavery i. Arguments about of course slavery is wrong but what can we do, its complicated, how do we get rid of it? 1. Wishful belief it will disappear on its on modernity , white southerners would wake up and realize how bad it is 2. Arguments that slavery is not profitable b/c slaves not incentive to work hard wrong slavery is profitable 3. Cotton depletes the south, therefore they would have to expand but maybe if we hem them in by not letting westward expanding of slavery… 4. Lincoln: founding fathers had placed slavery in the course of ultimate extinction a. Word slavery appears no where in the Constitution b. Then the thing to do was not allow slavery to grow but it was expanding b/c it was very popular ii. Argument about confining slavery: 1. Good appeal to racist southerners who saw the expansion of slavery as back people moving to where they want to settle keep slavery in south and keep African Americans there iii. Another Antislavery Position: Colonization 1. It was impossible for whites and blacks to live together without slavery so colonization would deport the African Americans back to Africa 2. American Colonization society: 1819 a. Henry Clay of Kentucky b. Emancipation without colonization would be followed by instaneous collisions between the races which would lead to one destroying or subjugating the other 3. Became a way to protect slavery b/c it said that freeing slaves would be dangerous 4. American Colonization Society raised money from state governments, individual contributions, churches 5. Established a colony: Liberia
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a. By 1840 1400 had moved to Liberia b. But only 200 had been freed by the society’s efforts 6. People saying this would not work were the free people of color in the north iv. So there are lots of ways to be antislavery b. Abolitionism i. Not just a general distaste for slavery, or a hope that slavery would generally go away ii. But Definition a demand for the immediate unconditional emancipation of every slave in the united states 1. Normally combined with a general commitment to racial equality at the very least to equal civil and political rights between whites and blacks iii. Who were abolitionists? 1. Not all northerners, though most did not like slavery they were not all abolitionists, though after the war they all said they were. 2.
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11.15 - 11.15.07 Antebellum America was a slave...

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