11.27 - Southern cotton was the most important export in...

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Southern cotton was the most important export in this period for both the north and the south. - the economy that was characterized by this sectional division of labor was governed by a politics that was designed to keep people from dividing them—b/c they were national parties that did not want to be split on a geographical level - Therefore they had the gag rule, dencentralized govt to prvent this from happenin - Mid 1840’s it was harder to do, some politicians were insisting on talking about slavery at the national - Story today: how slavery was politicized at national level o Debate that broke out was not about slavery directly, slavery in the south and not about how the institution of slavery was unjust to the slaves— there were very few straight out abolitionists among whites—racism was as strong in the north as in the south it was hard to organize any white constituency around the issue of slavery nor could African Americans inflict themselves a dint on the institution (Nat turner did scare them but it didn’t put enough dint to abolish it…) It was politicized indirectly over the issue of territory Under the Presidency of James K. Polk The territory added between 1845-1848: USA acquired the entire Midwest o Texas, Oregon, (Mexican cession_ California, utah, medico, etc) 1844 dem campaigned as party of expansion and manifest destiny—nominee James K Polk, he promises something to north AND south: Oregon to north and texas to southerners worked polk was elected president I. Polk’s Annexations a. Oregon i. Contested between USA and Britain—treaties saying territory will go to whoever settled the place 1. USA in a better situation in this race: promoters about great land, that led to thousands of settlers (5month trip from the Midwest) 2. What settlers did when they got to Oregon was replicate the northern pattern of family farming—basically no slaves— intense racism 3. They then declared themselves a territory in 1823 so polk promised the annexation of Oregon, he promised to get a lot of things: a. 49 th Parallel, no Americans above this parallel but he promised all of Oregon up to 54 th parallel. He got british to agree to 49 th parallel in 1846.
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b. But a lot of northern expansionists felt betrayed because they didn’t get up to 54 th parallel…they noticed that the president who was a southerner was much more enthusiastic about the southern part of platform than northern b. Texas –southern platform i. Southern settlers pouring into texas after 1841 when Mexico won independence from Spain. They offered huge land grants to anyone who would bring 200 Americans to settle. But there was a catch, Mexico offered free land but settlers who took it had to become Mexican citizens…obey Mexican law 1. Catholic country 2. What you got in Texas and New Mexico was a mixed population of anglos and tehanos (Mexicans) whos trade was oriented toward USA 3. 1836 Texas Revolution: Battle of the Alamo (highlight)—
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11.27 - Southern cotton was the most important export in...

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