12.06 - Intro i It was not b/c of leadership of the north 1...

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Intro: i. It was not b/c of leadership of the north. 1. The leaders had the same education were probably classmates. a. Education was bad for their type of war 2. South had more trained generals and leaders than the north 3. Both had to go through many generals before finding the right one a. Mcculluh is worst North one. .lincoln thought he was more into his personal success and political career than the war ii. Valor. . 1. No both sides were courageous throwing the infantry into war 2. Both had courageous battles II. Why the North won? a. Man Power i. Union could supply more men… north had four and half times the soldiers of the south 1. By 1964 most of the southern free white men had been in the war 2. Half of the free white men in the north had been in the army and still it was bigger a. US could recruit new men, and also men kept reenlisting b. South was dependent on reenlisting 3. Over course of war more than twice as many men fought in union army than confederate ii. It was b/c a large population of the south were enslaved African Americans…they were not part of the army and their presence meant that the whites felt they had to supervise—they were a threat in the rear 1. Many white women ran plantations in the absence of their husbands and fathers iii. Secondly, the north had attracted the vast amount of immigrants therefore the population and economic growth was the growth of free potential soldiers 1. Both sides resorted to conscription. Both sides felt resistance but military manpower was more of a problem for the south than the union
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b. Economy i. While both sides were predominantly agricultural, the north had ten times the industrial phase than the south had 1. Industrial phase was necessary to manufacture things for the war: guns, shoes, ships, 2. Travel a. North had 9 times the ship tonnage, and 25 ships in the navy compared to the 0 in south’s navy. Also had many more merchants ships that could be refitted… One major strategy was to blockade the southern ports i. There was little south could do to sustain war effort than to get help from abroad ii. If they couldn’t sell their cotton their wealth would vanish, and they would have to figure out manufacturing like ships which the north already had from trained workers b. North had more railroad mileage i. Grant loaded large armies onto trains and ships and moved them around 3. Basic Industry a. 1960 Union states produced 93 % of iron produced in USA, 94% of cloth, more than 94% of shoes, 97% of the guns that were produced in the United States i. At beginning Confederate Army used Quaker guns : logs painted like cannons to confuse Union scouts ii. They had success in producing from scratch 1. Ships, gunpowder—govt directed industries founded on a country based on weak govt ideals 2. But since the north started the war with a larger industrial base it was easier for the war to expand 4. Workers who could respond to surges in wages in North a. Workers took opportunity of war production to
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12.06 - Intro i It was not b/c of leadership of the north 1...

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