09.27 - 09.27.07 Political Science I Review a Structure...

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09.27.07 Political Science: I. Review a. Structure: deep enduring fundamental features of the political system b. Political system is also proposed of actors both formal and nonformal parts of the government c. Up till now we have been talking bout the rules of the game i. Separation of powers ii. Checks and balances iii. System of federalism iv. Civil rights = gov must do to treat citizens equally v. Civil liberties = what gov cannot do II. American Political Culture a. What is political culture = the shared set of beliefs, expectations, and values about what the government should do i. What is shared: consensus values = most people/ large majorities agree that these things are the things the government should or should not be doing ii. Political culture: it’s about what GOV should do b. What are specific features of American political culture? i. How do we know? 1. we ask them surveys c. American Creed (4 elements): i. Individualism - value that many Americans endorse SELF RELIANCE 1. individual should succeed or fail based on their own merits or their own efforts 2. Government should not interfere with what the individual does. 3. Ex: If you ask Americans about how gov should act about the economy: a. Very few people will say gov should go in and redistribute the wealth 4. Ex: the poor a. Other areas say gov should help out the poor b/c they cant help themselves b. Americans only 20% say they should be helped ii. Liberty Freedom from government intervention 1. Gov should not intervene in: a. Practicing religion b. Association c. Speech 2. Poll a. Q. People in the minority should be free to try to win support for their opinions. i. A. 89% agree
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b. Q. I believe in free speech for all no matter what their views might be. i. A. 86% agree c. Q. No matter what a person’s political view are, he is entitled to the same legal protection as everyone else. i. Majority agrees. d. There are high levels of support for liberty in ABSTRACT 3. Next week we will talk about the principle policy paradox in abstract ppl agree to key components of values but if you ask specific questions their answers change. a. So should everyone have free speech 90% yes b. Should people be allowed to teach college, someone admitted communist 60% yes, 40% no c. Should someone against religion be allowed to teach in college? 64% yes, 35% no d. Should someone who believes that blacks are genetically inferior be able to teach? 40% yes, 60% no 4. However in most part ppl endorse liberty as a value in the abstract. iii. Equality treating everyone equally under the law. 1. 14 th amendment agree or disagree? most ppl say agree 2. Now you ask if gov should do things to ensure equality then the support goes down. iv.
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09.27 - 09.27.07 Political Science I Review a Structure...

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