10.11PS - 10.11.07 PS I Review a Media coverage is driven...

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10.11.07 PS: I. Review a. Media coverage is driven by the fact that news is always on but policy positions do not change and therefore is not newsworthy compared to polls or strategy etc b. How does media coverage matter? i. BC politics is portrayed as a game and b/c politicians are portrayed as participators in the game then what is the effect? 1. America trusts govt less 2. Candidates became less attractive—b/c primarily news given is negative c. Relationships i. Reality vs. Meddiality 1. There are infinite things going on in the world and it is the job of the media to cover the issues but there is a limited amount of time and space devoted to news coverage. The media’s job is to filter out the issues they believe is most cover-worthy. Once media decides which stories to cover they also get to decide to cover them in a certain way. 2. If we want to see the impact of media on political relations we look at mediality not reality. II. Political Participation a. Political Participation: political activity designed to influence government b. Motive: to communicate to govt what your preferences are. i. Some people like to make the distinction between conventional and unconventional govt: 1. Conventional: traditional channels of govt interaction –letter writing etc 2. Unconventional: protests ii. Main idea is this is communication c. We are going to focus on one political participation—voting i. Why voting? 1. IT is the most popular form of political participation, it is the one most people engage in. 2. Voting is usually thought to have the most direct impact on what the government does a. Ppl think there is a strong link between voting and getting gov to be responsive 3. Without participation in an election, govt in a democracy loses its driving force b/c force is supposed to come from the people. ii. Two Questions: (Two choices showing up and who to vote for) 1. Do people actually vote and if so why? What extent do people go to the polls and why? a. Voter Turnout i. What is the overall level of voter turnout?
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1. In the United States we vote…historically. We vote on federal and state level. What is the level of turnout in each of the elections? a.
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10.11PS - 10.11.07 PS I Review a Media coverage is driven...

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