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10.23.07 Political Science 1 Up to readings on interest and lectures on interest groups! Format of the midterm: 3 sections 1. ID’s (7/8 from which you pick 5/6) a. SHORT 3-4 sentence answer—define and significance i. Short and to the point b. Short answer: 3 pick 2 i. To apply some key concepts to examples given 1. (Apply four p’s) 2. Factors that influence voter turnout 3. action pregnancy 4. Reception acceptance model c. Essay i. Evolution of area over time, civil rights, civil liberties, federalism 2. Readings: no identifications or recitation of passages a. FOCUS ON CONCEPTS i. Bluebook I. Review a. Political Parties i. Madison’s arguments on factions: political parties dangerous b/c they are factions and pursue their own interests ii. Political parties functions: iii. Political Party dimensions 1. PIE: party in electorate a. Distribution of partisan loyalties and strength of those attachments b. Majority identify with a party, with 35% independents c. More democrats than republicans slightly II. (Review Plus) How did parties change over time? a. PIE changed in two important ways in the last 30 years i. PIE has become weaker in last 3-4 decades (2 main components) 1. Rise of independents a. People are more likely to identify as an independent than in the past b. Influence—not too much b/c a lot / most independents are closet partisans i. Attitudes and behaviors show that they are actually partisans c. Why this growth? i. Mistrust
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1. 1960’s Vietnam war—less trusting and more disappointments – less partisanship 2. Watergate—controversy and scandal: there is a lot of corruption in the government and political parties ii. People have more sources of information 1. People are more educated and literate-they can seek out their own information w/o parties telling htem what to do 2. More sources of info around: tv, internet iii. Way Parties act 1. Back in the past there was a lot of ground mobilization as parties tried to convince people to think as
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10.23 - 10.23.07 Political Science 1 Up to readings on...

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