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01.31.08 Political Science 2: Announcements: Quiz Feb 7 - It will cover “China” and first two weeks => it DOES cover in class material Where were we? I. The Role of Culture on democracy 1. Asian Values: claims that they are less democratic 2. Examine the relationship of Islam and Democracy 3. Methodological Problems Catching Up: - Weber on the Protestant Ethic and Capitalism - Method: find a empirical problem, find a empirical fact, development and argument and facts to support - Concerns with this argument: - Empirical Concerns: Ideally the Protestant ethic should come first and capitalism should come later. .. but if protestantism arises in the same areas, then tis hard to make an argument of which came first. .. For example if there is a certain geographical area with manufacturing and movement and development of manufacturing and if in those areas Protestantism takes root, it is impossible to state that it CAME BEFORE capitalism - Conceptual: how he defines capitalism—makes it sound as if it is an offshoot of protestantism: the desire to make money ceaselessly - There are many communities in the world whose only make money for the sense of making money - If we dont define the terms as so narrow, the argument faces serious concerns - (Talk to prof about this youre not really understanding) Asian Values Debate - Causality: - Empirical claim that defines asian values as : social harmony, family loyalty, and tehrefore they prioritize order before democracy—but democracy is not defined as the way we understand it but as adversarial politics - Different from Dahl's definition of democracy - If we assume that this argument is correct, that asian valeus are in some way anti-democratic, the other question that needs to be answered is what came first? - Did they come before a nondemocratic outcome? - Do those who support Asian Values, more for non democratic regimes? Or are they being constructed to represent a more authoritarian setup? - Where does the causal direction go? Short Clips on South Korea and Singapore:
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Confuscious the tradition behind the hidden power of “asia's brand of capitalism?” - Government guidance helped develop the “capitalist development state” - Mystery: why have people been willing to sacrifice so much for so long for this development? -
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1.31 - 01.31.08 Political Science 2: Announcements: Quiz...

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