02.05 - 02.05.08 Political Science 2(Tuesday Note OH on...

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02.05.08 Political Science 2 (Tuesday) Note: OH on Friday moved to 3-5 Review: - Culture is malleable; difference between religion and religious practice o When thinking of religion and its impact to democracy you must think if religious practice and its impact on democracy Today Ethnic Identity, Ethnic Conflict, and Ethnic Violence ( 3 distinct phenomenon): - Theories of ethnic identity may or may not have relationships to ethnic conflict. But as for ethnic violence, neither ethnic identity or ethnic conflict can explain that violence and therefore it is a VERY distinct phenomenon - Ethnic identity = salient ethnic identity o What is a salient political identity? : why do you decide to define yourself in one way rather than another way? One claim: we are composed of multiple identities, and we must decide which identity we want to be viewed as o Why do we care about ethnic identity? It is considered to be an “ascribed identity” Generally you have 2 identities o 1 you can change o 2 (ascribed) you cannot change this identity Ethnicity is problematic because it is ascribed What is the basis of ascription: is it descent? Descent is hopelessly complicated
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o What is the descent we care about? the one we imagined it to be the one we think is important to us Ie: the author who realizes that she is 17% black but has lived believing she was 100 % white Why did we create this descent? –for later Also even if one fixes one’s descent what political implications does it have? Ethnic Identity:
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02.05 - 02.05.08 Political Science 2(Tuesday Note OH on...

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