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igo final - understanding of how these topics fit together...

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Igo Quiz 6 (final) EdF 302 Educational Psychology Teachers must construct a learning environment for their students, but not all learning environments are created equal. How a teacher defines success can potentially affect her/ his students in several ways. For purposes of this paper, describe how a learning environment in which success is defined as progress, improvement, and effort directed toward progress and improvement may affect students psychologically. The chart (below) should guide the bulk of your paper, but you should also provide introductory and concluding paragraphs. Each of the topics across the top of the paper must be addressed in the five ways presented in the first column on the left. Use your class notes, the Internet, or whatever else you need in order to create the best paper possible. If your paper includes information correctly addressing each blank cell in the chart, you are assured at least a grade of B. Thoughtful papers that demonstrate an integrated
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Unformatted text preview: understanding of how these topics fit together will receive an A. Please single space your paper and use 12-point font and 1 inch margins. Papers should generally be no less than two single-spaced pages in length—although, it is possible to receive an A in less. Shaping students’ use of learning strategies Promotion of self-esteem Increasing self-efficacy for various tasks Promotion of healthy attributions and mastery orientation Development of healthy personality Briefly define: How do students benefit from it? What is the alternative? How does it relate to an environment of success? What should teachers do to ensure that it happens? For an a Two places cognitive models Thinking out loud to model a thought process First section Teaching learning strategies Attribution training Healthy attributions How to get it...
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igo final - understanding of how these topics fit together...

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