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Unformatted text preview: Sheet1 Page 1 Functions of Folklore: Entertain Maintain Order(Literally and figuratively) Educate/Explain(Inculate values) Address Fears Address Taboos Provide Fantasy Escape Folktale Genres: Fable Jest MYth MAgic Tale Legend (migratory/urban) There is a division between Folk Culture and Pop culture however they do have a reciprocal influence. Folktales are passed down from ancestors so age is usually not known. Vampires: Historic vampries are Count Dracula, Elizabeth Bathory. Grimms Tales: Sources Changes from first to second volume Debate on reconstructing the past Folk narrative and academic study Methodological and theoretical statements along with Socio-political implications. Precursors to the Grimms: Italy: Giovan Straparola, Giambattista Basile, France: Charles Perrault,England: Tom Percy, James MacPherson Germany: Johann Herder. Fables: Family, Home and Nation Protagonists Didactic Function Situations from Daily Life Historical and Geographical Location Collections of Fables: Aesop (6th century BC), Panchatantra (300 AD), Jataka Tales, Jean de la Fontaine. Different cultures have similar stories but they change some details to fit their culture. Ex. Judgement: Two mothers, One Child --> Solomon (Israel), Buddah(india)....
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IndoEuroTest1 - Sheet1 Page 1 Functions of Folklore:...

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