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Psychogen Homo Wom

Psychogen Homo Wom - Matt Fry HPS Case...

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Matt Fry HPS Case Study #1 2/11/08 "Psychogenesis of Homosexuality in a Woman" Summary: Sigmund Freud was given a difficult task in that a knowingly homosexual female was sent to him by her parents in the hopes of having her sexual preferences inverted back to what "they should" be. The treatment that he relates in the article "The Psychogenesis of a Case of Homosexuality in a Woman" was short, lasting only four months. He broke it off after recognizing the negative transference directed towards him by the patient. The female patient, who was 18 years old at the time of the treatment, did not consider herself ill in any way and decided to begin therapy only due to her father's bidding. Her father was worried due to her open homosexuality and a recent suicide attempt; he had seen her on the street with the woman whom she was in love with and glared at her, the young girl noticed this and threw herself over a wall onto a train track. Luckily she was alright. The girl was the second child and sole daughter in a family of four. The young girl had fallen passionately in love with a woman ten years her senior. Throughout the analysis Freud takes care not to impose his own views however, he discovers the source of her negative attitude and has to stop the treatment once he realizes it has been transferred onto him. The rest of the article talks of Freud's views of the situation and his own personal analysis. I will discuss this and add my own analysis in the next section of this paper.
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"Analysis of the Psychogenesis of Homosexuality in a Woman" This case study brought up many interesting topics of analysis. I will first start discussing the relationship between Object-choice and the Oedipus complex. Freud concluded some of the same things himself after deep analysis of the girl and I use this as the basis for my observations.
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Psychogen Homo Wom - Matt Fry HPS Case...

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