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Pam 435 – U.S. Health Care System Name: Prof. Battistella Midterm Net ID: October 19, 2006 Bonus Question (1 point) : What does ERISA stand for? The Employment Retirement Income Security Act Part 1: Multiple Choice – 5 questions, 5 points per question 1. Which of the following choices is not a strength of the Single Payer Systems (Universal Health Coverage) implemented in many other countries? a) Centralized Decision-Making which results in more Efficient Care b) Major Emphasis on Primary Care c) Wide Distribution of Technology d) Better Treatment of Patients with Low Socio-Economic Status 2. Which of the following is not a current trend in the U.S. Health Care System? a) Large Providers to Independent, Small Providers b) From Treating Acute Illnesses to Promoting Prevention/Wellness c) Provider-driven Care to Consumer-driven Health Care d) Inpatient Care to Outpatient Care 3. Which of the following is not a goal of the Managed Care movement? a) Improved Quality by using Evidence-Based Medicine and Peer Review b) Seamless Delivery of Health Care Delivery Through Vertical Integration c) Containment of Health Care Costs d) Major Emphasis on Treatment instead of Prevention 4. The Flexner Report standardized and reformed medical education. Identify which of the following was not a result of the Flexner Report. a) The John Hopkins Medical School was identified as the Best Model for Medical Education. b) The Allopathic School of Medicine Came into Favor. c) Many New Medical Schools Opened Across the Country. d) Postgraduate Clinical Training was Required. 5. What of the following is not a limitation/difficulty of randomized clinical trials? a) Lack of Funding and Academic Support in the System b) High Cost of Completing Trials c) Substantial Length of Trials d) Obtaining a Diverse Composition of the Trial Population
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Part 2: Short Answer – 5 questions, 5 points per question 1. List and very briefly explain 3 characteristics of the U.S. Health Care system: Characteristics of the United States Health Sector a. Big b. Complex i. The primary concern of American consumers is the loss of their health insurance which is usually tied to their employment c.Fragmented i. Lack of a continuity of care ii. Decentralized decision-making by providers d. Tech-intensive i. Technology is more evenly distributed than in foreign countries e.Wasteful i. 25-30% of health care spending is wasteful f. Costly g. Inequitable i. The poor often are inherently more sicker as a population ii. They also more frequently receive care from poorly trained physicians and inadequate health facilities iii. The highest growing segment of the uninsured is consumers making more than $75,000. 2. Identify two similarities between the US healthcare system and the healthcare systems of other industrialized nations.
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Midterm_Key - Pam 435 U.S Health Care System Prof...

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