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paper1 us history - U.S. History 221-800 Gary B. Nash wrote...

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U.S. History 221-800
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Gary B. Nash wrote the book Red, White, and Black . The first chapter, “Before Columbus,” focuses on the first inhabitants in North America- Native Americans. In this book, Nash tries to show that Native Americans and Africans played a major role in shaping the culture and history of the United States. He refutes the old argument that Indians and Africans were absorbed into European culture. This first chapter begins the journey by tracing the origin of American Indians from Asia. In a migration that began around 35,000 BC the first Asians came across the frozen Bering Straits to North America (Nash 2). Once they arrived these Asians (and probably a mixture of Africans and Europeans as well) (Nash 2), migrated south and east in search of food and habitable land. Some groups eventually made their way through Central America and into the southern continent. These groups dispersed throughout the continent, developing different cultures and languages over thousands of years (Nash 3). “In all, about 2,000 languages were spoken by the Native Americans.” (Nash 3). In time, many different societies were established through out North America (Nash 3). In the Southwest, societies engaged in agricultural and a sedentary village life, living in rectangular rooms arranged in apartment-like structures (Nash 5). On the Pacific coast of the Northwest, natives lived off salmon and used cedar for their homes (Nash 6). One of the most
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paper1 us history - U.S. History 221-800 Gary B. Nash wrote...

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